Jenkins Street is a contemporary residential property designed by C Kairouz Architects.

The vision for this large family home was to create a sense of balanced opposites: the architecture contrasts modern design with restored period art deco, while private and intimate spaces sit alongside open plan living at the heart of the property. The result is a tranquil yet dynamic home with the right balance of yin and yang.

This build was as complex as it was rewarding. The restoration took a lot of patience and care as there was significant sag from one end of the building to the other, wonky walls and rotten weatherboards.

Over eight months, we carefully restored the existing Tasmanian oak timber flooring, fixed the walls and demonstrated skill precision through the revival of the original ceiling rosettes.

The walkbridge was a key feature of the architect’s design as a literal and metaphorical bridge between the old and new.

Constructing it required research and collaboration between our team, the architects and many of our trusted subcontractors.

The result is a stunning steel and glass structure that captures an abundance of natural light on this south-facing block.

Through the build process, we proposed an idea to relay some of the original oak timber flooring in the walkbridge, and the client went for it.

Thanks to expert craftsmanship and teamwork, the result is a smooth transition between the front and back sections of the house across four mediums - timber, glass, concrete and bluestone.

We’re proud of this build. It demonstrates the impressive technical and problem-solving skills of our team and our attitude towards collaboration, teamwork and communication.